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PEGRAS is a network of more than 30 independent professionals working in a range of associated fields, located internationally.

The company operates in the associated fields of chemistry, industrial equipment plus manufacturing and print media sectors. We deliver our services by leveraging from an international network of technology professionals who have extensive management and line experience in executing successful global business development strategies. This includes business restructuring and optimisation for supply partners to extract maximum value from joint ventures.

PEGRAS Industrial Services


PEGRAS Industrial Services concentrates on custom-made production technologies for goods procurement, automation, evaluation, logistics and concepts

PEGRAS Print Media


Within the Print Media environment PEGRAS has access to a network of technology professionals with extensive experience across a broad range of print consumables and production processes;

PEGRAS Environmental systems


PEGRAS offers renewable solutions project management, from concept to production and final sales. 

PEGRAS can assist in calculating tax consessions resulting from CO2 reductions. 

PEGRAS International Relations


Over the last 40 years PEGRAS has developed a large network servicing international organisations and governments.

Engaged in cultural, economic and historical studies,

PEGRAS provides analysis and information to multinational companies, government as well as non government organisations. 


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